dynoKRAFT S60

Inertia-only scooter / motorcycle dynamometer

Affordable price and best-in-class Software.

Features highlight

  • 450mm [17,3″] roller
  • 300km/h [186mph]
  • 2-60 / 15-200HP wheel power
  • easy to use test system

An affordable and easy to use scooter / motorcycle dynamometer for every workshop!!!

The dynoKRAFT S60 dynamometer shares the same design principles with our high-end M120-series test bench.
It offers exceptional high measurement precision together with best-in-class DAQ system and Software for comprehensive data analysis.

The roller diameter of 450mm reduce tire wear drastically and help keeping the tire temperature under control during long test sessions.

Two different roller inertia versions are available to support different power ranges:
2-60 WHP
15-200 WHP

The dynoKRAFT S60 is delivered ready to use with all required components such as drive-in ramp – just connect any WIndows PC and start working!

Accuracy and Precision

  • data acquisition error: < 0,5%
  • timing accuracy: 10ns
  • DAQ input sampling rate: 50Hz

Test parameters

  • max speed: 300km/h (186 MPH)
  • wheel power – standard: 2-60HP
  • wheel power – high-inertia: 15-200HP

Data acquisition

  • hall effect sensor: drum RPM pickup
  • power correction factor per: SAE, DIN, ISO, JIS, EG or none
  • available test modes:
    – inertia,
  • 4 analog input channels
  • free Software incl. updates
  • free Firmware updates
  • engine RPM pickup
  • automatic environmental data acquisition (optional)
  • factory calibrated for highest precision

Mechanical features

  • high-traction single roller
  • deep-knurled roller surface
  • anti-slip working surface
  • compact design
  • manual roller brake
  • manual front wheel carrier adjustment in 25mm steps
  • minimum maintenance


  • length: 2320mm *
  • width: 750mm
  • height: 475mm
  • total height: 920mm
  • roller diameter: 450mm
  • roller width: 490mm
  • wheelbase min: 1220mm
  • wheelbase max: 2010mm
  • total weight: 285kg / 519kg
  • roller weight standard / high-inertia:
    92kg / 326kg

(*) without drive-in ramp

Workshop requirements

  • Electric power: 230V 50Hz 16A *
  • Computer: PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 operating system

*Other electrical systems available on request at no extra charge.

Input specifications

  • Engine RPM input (capacitive clamp included)
  • 4x Analog input (0-5V)
  • 2x Thermocouple 0-1000 deg. Celcius (Type-K)

Additional inputs available with CANBUS expansion modules.
(see Accessories tab)

Weather station (optional)

  • Pressure: 300 to 1100 @ +/-1 [mbar]
  • Humidity: +/-3,5% [RH]
  • Temperature-40 to +85 @ +/-1 [°C]

Scope of delivery

  • dynoKRAFT S60 dynamometer (floor-top installation only)
  • drive-in ramp (folding)
  • SP1 Controller with cable
  • capacitive engine RPM pickup
  • free SportDyno software
  • free easyMAP software
  • installation manual (.pdf file)
  • software manual (.pdf file)
  • 5 years warranty
  • free product support
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