dynoKRAFT M120-pro

(optional equipment shown)

Entry level motorcycle dynamometer

Best-in-class DAQ system and powerful retarder.

Features highlight

  • 440mm [17,3″] roller
  • 300km/h [186mph]
  • 500HP wheel power
  • ready to use test system

An affordable, feature-rich motorcycle dynamometer for workshops!!!

The dynoKRAFT M120-pro motorcycle dynamometer shares the same frame and design principles of our high-end M200-evo test bench.
It offers exceptional high measurement precision together with best-in-class DAQ system and Software for comprehensive data analysis.

With 1200Nm eddy current brake the M120-pro covers most applications and offers the ability to test up to 500HP (at rear wheel).
The roller diameter of 440mm reduce tire wear drastically and help keeping the tire temperature under control during long test sessions.

The ultra-low roller inertia allows users to dynamically change the engine RPM and limits tire slip.

The dynoKRAFT M120-pro is delivered ready to use with all required components such as computer stand, weather station and loading ramp – just connect any WIndows PC and start working!

dynoKRAFT M120-pro
Technical specifications

Peak wheel torque

1200 Nm (885 ft lbf)

Peak absorbed wheel power

372 kW (500 HP)

Peak dynamic wheel power
~430 kW (~575 HP)
Max. tractive force
5455 N

Power / torque measurement accuracy

0,5 %

Max. vehicle driving speed

300 km/h (186 MPH)

Max. axle load

1500 kg (6613 lbs)

Vehicle length (rear axis - front tire)

1180mm - 2280mm (46,5" - 89,8")

Roller diameter

440mm (17,3")

Rotational inertia equivalent vehicle mass

90kg (198 lbs)

Dimensions L x W x H (dyno only, without drive-in ramp)

2550 x 1595x 440mm (100,4 x 62,8 x 17,3")

Weight (total)

1110kg (2447 lbs)

Rotational mass weight

83kg (182 lbs)

Rollers balancing class


Warranty and Support

5 Years

Scope of delivery

  • dynoKRAFT M120-pro dynamometer, floor-top installation

  • drive-in ramp, folding

  • laptop / keyboard holder

  • control panel

  • dynoKRAFT ADAQbase controller

  • dynoKRAFT ADAQsoftware incl. free lifetime updates

  • online user manual

  • free phone support

ADAQ controller - Technical specifications

(base dynamometer control module)
2x RPM (hall-sensor or digital 5V)
2x Load Cell with built-in amplifier
3x Analog 0-5V DC, configurable
1x Thermocouple Type-K
1x Built-in weather station (ambient temperature, humidity, pressure)

2x Brake controll, configurable as PWM, RC-Pulse, Analog, Servo

1x USB-C

(I/O expansion module)

5x Analog 0-5V DC, configurable

1x PWM 5V DC - cooling fan VFD control signal (driving speed dependant 0-100% output)
1x PWM 5V DC - throttle servo control signal

4x Dry contact 24V 5A max - configurable controll logic depending on input parameters

(Eddy Current power supply)

- 30 Amp rating
- Calibrated linear current control
- high-speed SCR-based design
- high-speed discharge
- Bluetooth V4.0 (BLE) telemetry (status monitoring and settings, Win10 only)
- Over-current and over-temperature protection
- LED status indicators
- Housing with integrated heat sink, fan-less design
- built-in internal AC-input and DC-load filters, minimal noise generation
- Oversized components with respect to current and voltage ratings

(bluetooth remote controller)

 -12 Keys with assignable software functions
- built- in 1200mAh battery
- built-in battery charging circuit
- USB-B connection
- industrial USB-Bluetooth adapter included

(base dynamometer control software)

- supports up to two ADAQbase controllers
- supports up to four brakes
- reliable, high-speed load control
- automatic ambient conditions aquisition and correction factor calculations
- multiple correction factor norms (DIN, ISO, SAE, none)
- freely configurable engine power correction (rolling road dynamometers)
- linear and advanced non-linear PID brake controller
- open user interface allowing access to all functions and settings
- built-in plugin system allows integration of virtually any third-party hardware
- configurable print-out page
- automatic saving
- raw sensor-data logging

- fully featured data analisys with multi-graph and multi-channel capability
- analise data in Engine RPM, Time or any other fuction (i.e. Timing Advance and Lambda vs. Engine Torque)
- freely configurable graph area, print-out page, data tables
- data export .csv file

- inertia
- power sweep (using set acceleration rate)
- manual RPM (hold any RPM setpoint regardless of load)
- RPM curve (follow any RPM-profile curve, freely configurable profiles)
- load control mode (special mode for water brakes with fast TQ increase)
- brake sweep (non-PID based test mode)

ADAQexiom plugin
(additional features and functions for ADAQexiom module)

- configuration of name, unit, interpolation and offset for each analog input separatley
- manual or automatic relais operation based on logical parameters
- configuration of cooling fan automatic output control
- up to two ADAQexiom modules supported

- throttle servo output control (5V PWM signal, external additional Signalconverter may be requierd in some applications)