ADAQ System


The main controller that can support any type of dynamometer.
This module is avaliable only with new dynoKRAFT dynos.



– selectable brake controller output (PWM, RC-pulse, analog)
– 2x Load Cell input
– 2x RPM input
– 3x freely programmable 0-5V DC input
– 1x Thermocouple input
– built-in weather station
– fast USB-C connection


Designed in-house by dynoKRAFT an add-on extension module offering additional input and output channels and relay control.
Up to two modules can be used simultaneously offering a total of 10 additional input channels!



– 5x freely programmable 0-5V DC input
– 4x relays 24V 5A max
– 1x PWM cooling fan control output (speed-dependent cooling)
– dynoKRAFT continuously developed software plugin


An newly designed Eddy Current Brake power supply features modern design principles and offers reliable operation.



– 30 Amp rating
– Calibrated linear current control
– high-speed SCR-based design
– high-speed discharge
– Bluetooth V4.0 (BLE) telemetry (status monitoring and settings )
– Over-current and over-temperature protection
– LED status indicators
– Housing with integrated heat sink, fan-less design
– Internal line and load filters to minimize noise generation
– Oversized components with respect to current and voltage ratings
– Very fast and reliable operation


This wonderful OLED-Remote allows up to 4 Keysets being pre-configured in dedicated software.
The rotary dial is assigned to select the RPM-Target value in pre-defined steps.

This remote comes with USB-Dongle and soft-case.


– OLED screen
– 8 keys and one dial
– up to 4 freely programmable key sets
– soft-case
– USB dongle with Type-C adapter