ADAQ Software

Reliable – Stable – Powerful
Our latest version of ADAQsoftware ticks all the boxes and it’s completely FREE!

All settings related to dynamometer type, test run, channels settings, filters settings, calibration etc… – all can be modified by the user.



– fast and reliable operation and connection to ADAQbase module
– multiple test modes, incl. manual and semi-automatic tests, PID and non-PID based brake control
– automatic inertia compensation
– linear and progressive PID controller
– linear and progressive brake output control (non-PID based)
– ability to support 4×4 hub dynos (using two base controllers)
– freely configurable correction factors, filters, settings, etc.
– ability to plot any recorded value or data against different one (for example Lambda vs. Engine Torque or Ign. timing vs. Power )
– freely configurable digital gauges window
– multi-graph view (up to three graphs on one screen)
– live graphs
– built-in plugin system allowing integration of virtually any new hardware
– built-in support for Bluetooth OBD2 dongle
– built-in support for CANBUS CAN-USB dongle
– configurable print-out page
– configurable graph colors and thickness
and much, much more….