An affordable, feature-rich motorcycle dynamometer for workshops!!!

The dynoKRAFT M120-pro motorcycle dynamometer shares the same frame and design principles used in our high-end M200-evo dyno.
It offers exceptional high measurement precision together with best-in-class DAQ system and Software for comprehensive data analysis.

With 1200Nm eddy current brake the M120-pro covers most applications and offers the ability to test up to 500HP  (at rear wheel).
The drum diameter of 443mm reduce tire wear drastically and help keeping the tire temperature under control during long test sessions.

The ultra-low drum inertia allows users to dynamically change the engine RPM and limits tire slip.

The dynoKRAFT M120-pro is delivered ready to use with  all required components such as computer stand or loading ramp.

Leasing from:
285 €

(less taxes and shipping/delivery)

dynoKRAFT dynamometers offer many unique features to help you work more efficiently.
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usb_weather_stationUSB weather station (optional)
reads air temperature, humidity and pressure to apply horsepower correction factor.

M120-pro iso tie down zoom no bg
Integrated tie-down points

flush mounted with surface

wheel support

Manually operated front wheel support
with anti roll-back feature for highest user convenience and ease of motorcycle setup.

M120-pro iso ramp zoom no bg
The supplied loading ramp offer maximum flexibility and versatility.
Space saving design. In tilted position the ramp acts as debris shield in case of tire failure.

443mm large drum
Precision balanced with knurled surface helps reducing tire wear and temperature while maximizing grip.

Easy positioning of control arm whenever you require.
The complete control arm assembly can be positioned on left or right side of the dynamometer, per customer needs and features a keyboard/laptop holder.

airboxRAM AIR simulator
Many modern motorcycles use the ram air intake system to increase engine output at speed.
The built-in Air Speed simulator controls the stand-alone dynoKRAFT CFM25 mobile cooling unit to simulate the dynamic air pressure in relation to drum speed.

Best in class DAQ System
The Sport Devices SP series data acquisition system offers multiple input and output channels.
The SP-5 offers by standard industry unique ability to perform automated dynamometers runs with computerized throttle, clutch and gear-lever actuation!

Accuracy and Precision

  • data acquisition error: < 0,5%
  • HP test accuracy error: < 2%
  • timing accuracy: 10ns
  • DAQ input sampling rate: 20ms

Test parameters

  • max speed: 300km/h
  • max rear wheel torque: 1200Nm
  • max rear wheel power: approx. 500HP

Data Aquisition

  • hall effect sensor: drum RPM pickup
  • power correction factor per: SAE, DIN, ISO, JIS or none
  • available test modes:
    RPM Constant (engine RPM),
    Ramp Test (programmable slope),
    Sequenced/Programmed Test,
    Step Test,
    Road Simulation
  • Closed-loop eddy current brake PID Controller with torque monitoring
  • speed dependent fan control
  • multiple input/output channels
  • relay control
  • free Software
  • free life-time Firmware updates
  • engine RPM pickup – inductive and capacitive
  • High Speed Ethernet connection
  • Remote control of dynamometer and vehicle systems from PC software (throttle actuator, clutch actuator, gear shift, blowers etc.)
  • built in CAN-BUS port
  • automatic environmental data acquisition
  • factory calibrated for highest precision

Mechanical features

  • large, ultra low inertia roller,
  • manual wheel carrier actuation
  • loading ramp
  • anti-slip working surface
  • fail-safe emergency brake
  • minimum maintenance

Electric features

  • high-torque retarder


  • length: 2550mm *
  • width: 1595mm
  • height: 440mm
  • total height (incl. display post): 1200mm
  • roller diameter: 443mm
  • roller width: 300mm
  • wheelbase min: 1200mm
  • wheelbase max: 2000mm

(*) without loading ramp

Workshop requirements

  • Electric power: 380/400V 50Hz 16A 3-phase*
  • Compressed air: 6-8 bar
  • Computer: PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 operating system

*Other electrical systems available on request at no extra charge.

Input specifications

  • 2 x Engine Rpm Speed input (Capacitive and Inductive clamps)
  • 6 x Analog inputs (0-5v)
  • 8 x Thermocouple (type-K, 2 inputs are in use by default)
  • 1 x Pulse Counter Input (Ex. detonation counter)

Additional inputs available with Modbus / Canbus expansion cards (requires paid license)

Output specifications

  • 8 x Digital Outputs (12V Relays)
  • 1 x Air Speed Output (PWM 0-5v)
  • 1 x Servo output / Throttle (PWM 0-5v or RC pulse)


  • 1 x RS232 DB9 Connector
  • 1 x CANBUS (provision, future Firmware version)
  • 1 x Internal Bluetooth (available on request)

Weather Station (optional equipment)

  • Pressure: 300 to 1100 @ +/-1 [mbar]
  • Humidity: +/-3,5% [RH]
  • Temperature: -40 to +85 @ +/-1 [°C]

Optional equipment

  • dynoKRAFT twinLAMBDA – dual wide-band lambda probe with gas flow stabilization block
  • analog / digital input expansion modules (up to 8 modules supported)
  • USB Weather Station
  • OBD II interface
  • xDS (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki) interface

Scope of delivery

  • dynoKRAFT M120-pro dynamometer
  • loading ramp
  • control panel post with laptop/keyboard holder
  • Sport Devices SP5 Controller with cable
  • RPM pickup clamp
  • software CD
  • installation manual in English (.pdf file)
  • software manual in English or German (.pdf file)
  • 5 years unlimited warranty
  • e-mail and telephone support

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