dynoKRAFT A380/200-4WD-ML

Single roller 4WD dynamometer

High-end, modular test bench with mechanical link system

Features highlight

  • 630mm [24,8″] rollers
  • 330km/h [205mph]
  • 1250HP / 800HP wheel power
  • mechanical bevel-gear link

The dynoKRAFT A380/200-4WD-ML automotive chassis dynamometer is the absolute leader in the marked for high-end AWD test benches.
It supports longest wheelbase and widest track among all dynamometers currently found on the market.

It’s modular design enables upgrade from A380-2WD over to 4WD and mechanical link in 3 steps.

The mechanical link system was engineered using angular bevel-gear gearboxes and custom cardan shaft. Any axis can be manually disabled using hand-lever. No noisy belts, greasy chains!

The defaults installation type in PIT. The dynamometer is delivered with all required installation material and metal grating for the pit-installation.
Floor-top installation or combination with 4-post is lift available on request.

Roller width of 2200mm allow to test even wide-body GT race cars without problems.
Wheelbase range: 2200-3300mm (true wheelbase – without need to use roller tangent)

With two 3300Nm (optional 3800Nm!) and 2000Nm eddy current brakes the A380-2WD automotive chassis dynamometer allows to test up to 1250HP and 800HP  (rear and front wheel horsepower).
All retarders are constantly cooled by built-in fans.

The roller diameter of 630mm reduces tire wear drastically and help keeping the tire temperature under control during long test sessions.

The dynamometer comes equipped with pneumatically actuated wheel-bumper that supports the vehicle during setup.
An built-in LED underbody illumination provides clear view during vehicle strapping.

The dynoKRAFT A380/200-4WD-ML can be freely configured with extension modules (additional inputs, OBD Interface etc…) to match customer needs thanks to our upgradable design concept.

Accuracy and Precision

  • data acquisition error: < 0,5%
  • timing accuracy: 10ns
  • DAQ input sampling rate: 50Hz

Test parameters

  • max speed: 330km/h (186 MPH)
  • max wheel torque front / rear: 2000Nm / 3300Nm (opt.: 3800Nm)
  • max wheel power front / rear: approx. 850HP / 1250HP

Data acquisition

  • Built-in eddy current brake temperature sensor
  • hall effect sensor: drum RPM pickup
  • power correction factor per: SAE, DIN, ISO, JIS, EG or none
  • available test modes:
    – inertia,
    – constant engine RPM,
    – sweep test (controlled acceleration),
    – fully automatic Sequenced/Programmed Test,
    – engine RPM steps,
    – road loads simulator
  • Closed-loop eddy current brake PID Controller with torque monitoring
  • speed dependent fan control
  • multiple input/output channels
  • Software relay control (allows remote activation of fans etc.)
  • free Software
  • free life-time Firmware updates
  • engine RPM pickup – inductive and capacitive
  • High Speed Ethernet connection
  • Remote control of dynamometer and vehicle systems from PC software (throttle actuator, clutch actuator, gear shift, blowers etc.)
  • built in CAN-BUS port
  • automatic environmental data acquisition
  • factory calibrated for highest precision

Mechanical features

  • low inertia single roller
  • deep-knurled roller surface
  • anti-slip working surface
  • compact design
  • fail-safe emergency brake with roller lock – easy vehicle strapping
  • minimum maintenance

Electric features

  • high-torque retarder
  • precision load cell


  • length: 5813mm *
  • width: 3000mm *
  • height: 769mm
  • roller diameter: 630mm (24,8″)
  • roller width: 512mm
  • track min: 1174mm **
  • track max: 2200mm **
  • wheelbase min: 2200mm ***
  • wheelbase max: 3300mm ***
  • max. load per axis: 3000kg

(*) with metal grating and front bridge
(**) smallest / largest width either on the inside or outside of the tires
(***) true axis to axis measurement (roller curvature not used)

Workshop requirements

  • Electric power: 2x 380/400V 50Hz 20A 3-phase*
  • Compressed air: 6-8 bar
  • Computer: PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 operating system

*Other electrical systems available on request at no extra charge.

Input specifications

  • Engine RPM input (capacitive and inductive clamp included)
  • 8x Analog input (0-5V)
  • 8x Thermocouple 0-1000 deg. Celcius (Type-K)
  • 1x Pulse Counter Input (Ex. detonation counter)
  • 1x CANBUS
  • 1x OBDII diagnostic interface

Additional inputs available with CANBUS expansion modules.
(see Accessories tab)

Weather station

  • Pressure: 300 to 1100 @ +/-1 [mbar]
  • Humidity: +/-3,5% [RH]
  • Temperature-40 to +85 @ +/-1 [°C]

Output specifications

  • 8x Digital Outputs (12V relays)
  • 1x Air Speed Output (PWM or Analog 0-5V)
  • 1x Servo output (PWM, Analog 0-5V or RC-pulse)

Scope of delivery

  • dynoKRAFT A380-2WD dynamometer
  • pit-installation material
  • PC-Trolley with dual monitor holder
  • weather station with cable
  • SP6 Controller with cable
  • wireless remote controller for software
  • capacitive and inductive engine RPM pickup
  • calibration tool and weight
  • free SportDyno software
  • free easyMAP software
  • installation manual (.pdf file)
  • software manual (.pdf file)
  • 5 years warranty
  • free product support
  • free on-site installation and operator training


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