The Sport Devices SP5 brake based, All-Wheel-Drive capable dynamometer data acquisition and brake controller.

Thanks to integrated close loop PID brake controller the SP5 unit allows users to build brake based dynamometers (chassis or engine) using eddy current brake (retarder) with advanced, digital data acquisition system.
The included brake power supply is rated at max. 23A and 200V to enable use of most powerful brakes found in dynamometers applications.

With doubled drum RPM and load cell input as well as brake controller output, the Sport Devices SP5 is the only data acquisition system on the market to offer the ability to set-up AWD dynamometers! (AWD extension kit requried)

Only Sport Devices SP5 offers multiple output channels (analog, digital and servo controller) and integrated sequencer with ability to run fully automated, computer controller dynamometer tests with automatic throttle, gear and clutch lever actuation.
In addition to automatic testing capabilities only Sport Devices SP5 offers as standard Air Speed signal output to control fan speed in relation to drum RPM (vehicle speed), thus it is the perfect tool for engine performance testing, ECU calibration, endurance or emissions testing, etc…

The Sport Devices SP5 DAQ works with our free PC software or as stand alone unit thanks to built-in LCD display. With free Software and lifetime firmware updates this is the perfect kit to build up your dyno.

Price: 3195€

(less taxes and shipping)


  • PID closed-loop brake controller and monitoring system
  • Remote control of dynamometer systems (throttle actuator, clutch actuator, gear shift, blowers etc.) from PC software.
  • Air Speed cooling fan controller (RAM AIR)
  • Support AWD dynamometers.
  • Built-in Load Cell channels with internal amplifier
  • DAQ operation controlled directly by hardware button, or from the computer software
  • Emergency stop brake controller (stops the drum using both retarder and mechanical brake)
  • Real time on screen display test results. Tests appears in the screen while the engine accelerates.
  • See graphs simultaneously: show or hide any curve.
  • Highly accurate and detailed curves: see engine failures easily.

Input specification

  • 2 x Brake/Roller speed input
  • 1 x Engine Rpm Speed input (Capacitive and Inductive clamps)
  • 6 x Analog inputs (0-5v)
  • 8 x Thermocouple (Type-k) inputs
  • 2 x Load Cell input (16/24 bits accuracy, digital zero and gain adjust)
  • 1 x Pulse Counter Input (ex. detonation counter)
  • 1 x Run/Stop Button
  • 1 x Panic Button (Emergency Stop)

Output specification

  • 2 x PWM Brake Control Signal
  • 8 x Digital Outputs (12V Relays)
  • 1 x Air Speed Output (PWM 0-5v)
  • 1 x Servo output / Throttle (PWM 0-5v or RC pulse)


  • 1 x RS232 DB9 Connector
  • 1 x Ethernet RJ45 Connector
  • 1 x CANBUS (provision, future firmware version)
  • 1 x Internal Bluetooth (available on request)

Test modes

  • Inertia only
  • RPM Constant (engine speed)
  • Ramp Test (programmable slope)
  • Sequenced/Programmed Test
  • Step Test (future version)
  • Road Simulation (future version)

Other specifications

  • data acquisition error: < 0,5%
  • timing accuracy: 10ns
  • Drum RPM input: max. frequency: 15 kHz (6,000 RPM with 150 teeth)
  • Hall sensor cable length: 6m
  • LCD display: LCD 16×2 Characters
  • PC connection/data rate: 115200 baud RS232C (DB9 Conn)
  • Power supply: 220V 50Hz/60Hz (Europe) or 115 volt 50Hz/60Hz (USA)

Kit content

  • SP5 DAQ unit
  • Hall Effect Digital Sensor with extension cable
  • Load Cell (range from 500kg to 1500kg) – default is 1000kg
  • Brake Power Supply Gen.3 or HS-PWS (on request) + SP5 to PWS cable
  • Capacitive and Inductive pickup to measure engine rpm
  • RS232 cable and USB adapter
  • Installation cables
  • Start/Run switch
  • SportDyno software

Documentation and Software

See the SOFTWARE page

Typical dynamometer installation

Part List for a complete installation:

  • SP5 unit. It can work stand alone or with the computer. Use computer setup to get the most out of your SP5 DAQ.
  • Computer. Win98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8.1.
  • Hall Effect Sensor. Included with SP5.
  • Gear Tooth. Installed on the eddy current brake or drum to read its speed. For example 120 teeth.
  • Load Cell. It depends on the engine, typical values are 450 kg for bike engines and 1000 kg for cars, but it should be calculated.
  • Eddy Current Brake 192 Volt (max. 23 Amp) rated, it size depends on the application.
  • Brake Power supply: included in SP5 kit
  • Throttle Servo (optional). A high torque RC servo can be used to drive the throttle.
  • Ignition and Starter Relays. 12 volt relays to control the engine. Additional relays can be installed on the SP5 to control the fans on the room.
  • Fans / Turbines. Some type of fans or turbines are needed to next functions:
    • Feed the air intake with fresh air from outside the room (inner air gets hot quickly) this turbine should be very high power (>2 KW, or >5KW) and high speed to simulate on-track conditions, a variable speed drive is recommended. Frequency to voltage converter (Inverter Drive) is necessary to use the Air Speed (RAM AIR) simulator.
    • Exhaust extraction, the pipes should be made with iron or steel because the high temperature of exhaust gas.
    • Engine coolant, water radiator should by cooled by a fan. A car’s fan or a truck’s fan can be used with a thermostat to ensure the water will be at a right temperature.
    • Engine and exhaust pipes cooling, when running on the track the exhaust pipes are being air-cooled as the vehicle moves, but when working on the dyno they may get too hot and can get damaged. Certain exhaust pipes can not work at high temperatures (for example: titanium).

Customer installations

Henning Larsen – Alicante Spain

Suzuki GSX-R engine test bed