Have you ever wanted to gain dyno experience but you don’t have the budget to buy the whole system?
Or maybe you simply wan’t to organise an “dyno day” or an event (show) and get public attention and anticipation?

dynoKRAFT now offers complete motorcycle chassis dynamometer system as rental solution – with simple and easy to understand pricing policy.

Our mobile dynamometer system is an plug-and-play solution – everything you need is included – just plug into power outlet and you’re ready to go.

Terms and Conditions

Rental schedule:

  • 2 days* (only for events / shows with full dynoKRAFT crew support)
  • 3 – 18 months



  • show / event – please contact us directly at: info@dynokraft.de
  • 3 months – 1200€ / month
  • 4-9 months – 990€ / month
  • 10-18 months – 790€ / month

Avaliable for all EU-Customers: system delivery, installation and operator training are not included in the price. These shall be invoiced separately based on actual expenses.

Within Germany the delivery, installation and operator training (1day) costs are 1200€ – fixed price – no questions asked.

All rentals (except for 2 day event option) require 5000€ refundable deposit.
All prices are net prices. German statutory taxes apply.


What’s included in the price:

  • state of the art dynoKRAFT M200-evo motorcycle dynamometer installed on a trailer (2,2 meter height inside!)
  • Sport Devices SP5 data aquisition and dyno controller
  • Sport Devices USB weather station
  • OBDII and xDS interfaces
  • dynoKRAFT CFM25 cooling system (or similar)
  • PC system with two 24″ monitors (WiFi and Bluetooth supported)
  • Printed manual (English and German language)
  • email, telephone and remote desktop support during our office hours
  • dynoKRAFT twinLAMBDA – dual wideband lambda analyser with gas flow stabilisation block and vaccum pump

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