Have you ever considered building your own chassis dynamometer but you don’t have the knowledge or skills and tools to precisely manufacture the large and heavy roller?
Are you missing a properly scaled hydraulic press to assemble the bearings?

dynoKRAFT has the solution!

Our DIY dynamometer build kit has all the required components that allow any home builder to construct their own chassis dynamometer without compromising measurement accuracy.
The kit contains an large, precisely machined and dynamically balanced roller with knurled surface and pre-assembled bearings of your choice (flange or standing), mounted signal disc for the Hall sensor and complete Sport Devices SP1 DAQ System.

It allows users to build inertia dynamometers and provides input and output capacities for basic test setup.
The Sport Devices SP1 DAQ works with our free PC software or as stand alone unit thanks to built-in LCD display.
With free software and lifetime firmware updates this is the perfect setup to build up your own dyno.

You can choose between two roller types depending on the required power capacity / test range:
50-250HP or 10-150HP

Price: 3800€

(less taxes and shipping)



  • large, precision machined and dynamically balanced roller with deep-knurled surface
  • pre-installed high-quality SKF bearing assemblies (pillow block ball bearings)
  • pre-installed hall-sensor signal disk with 40 teeth for highest measurement accuracy

Data acquisition system:

  • DAQ operation controlled directly by hardware button, or from the computer software
  • Real time on screen display test results. Tests appears in the screen while the engine accelerates.
  • See graphs simultaneously: show or hide any curve.
  • Highly accurate and detailed curves: see engine failures easily.

Input / Output specification

  • Engine RPM (Capacitive)
  • 2x thermocouple type-K (up to 1000°C)
  • 4x general analog inputs (0-5V)
  • 2x counter inputs *
  • 2x servo outputs *

(*) available on request

Other specifications

  • Drum RPM input: max. frequency: 15 kHz (6,000 RPM with 150 teeth)
  • Hall sensor cable length: 6m
  • LCD display: LCD 16×2 Characters
  • PC connection/data rate: 115200 baud RS232C (DB9 Conn)
  • Power supply: 220V 50Hz/60Hz (Europe) or 115 volt 50Hz/60Hz (USA)

Mechanical specifications

  • Roller diameter: 450mm [17,12in]
  • Roller width: 450mm [17,72in]
  • Width (incl. shaft): 800mm [31,5in]
  • Mass moment of inertia (50-250HP version): 11.076kgm²
    Mass moment of inertia (10-150HP version): 8.038kgm²
  • Weight: 230 – 340kg [507 – 749,5lbs]

Kit content

  • SP1 DAQ unit
  • 8 or 11kgm² roller with pre-installed signal disc and pillow block bearing, unpainted
  • Hall Effect Digital Sensor for measuring drum speed
  • Capacitive pickup to measure engine rpm
  • Installation cables
  • Start/Run switch
  • SportDyno software

Technical drawing

Connectors pin-out

  • CN1-additional engine RPM input, 0 to 5 volt. Suitable for ECU output, or external adaptors.
  • CN2-Roller Speed Sensor (Hall Effect) and Start/Run Switch input
  • CN4-Digital Counters and Servo outputs (available in future version 4b)
  • CN5-Analog connector, Analog channels 1 and 3 (J and L), from 0 to 5 volt, suitable for Wideband Oxygen Sensor
  • CN6-Analog connector, Analog channels 2 and 4 (K and M), from 0 to 5 volt, suitable for Wideband Oxygen Sensor

Typical dynamometer installation