In response to market demand for an affordable shock absorber and spring analyzer – test system, Sport Devices is now offering an Shock Analyzer machine (shock absorber dyno).

This portable and easy-to-use electric test system, utilizing Piston-Crank mechanism, offers near sinusoidal shock absorber testing capabilities at a fraction of the cost of high-end machines while retaining the required precision and accuracy.

By standard the machine offers up to 120mm stroke length, up to 500mm/s linear speed and 9,8kN test range with multiple expansion options available at extra cost.

5900 €

(less taxes and shipping/delivery)

Accuracy and Precision

  • data acquisition error: < 0,5%
  • timing accuracy: 10ns
  • DAQ input sampling rate: 1000Hz

Test parameters

  • max. linear speed: 500mm/s
  • max. damping force: 98000N
  • stroke length: 10-100mm (adjustable in 10mm steps)

Data Aquisition

  • Temperature sensor Type-K input
  • optional infrared temperature sensor with narrow-field lens
  • multi-speed test procedures available
  • semi- closed-loop Variable Frequency Drive operation with linear speed compensation
  • free ShockDyno Software
  • free life-time Firmware updates
  • load cell calibration is performed by user

Technical specifications

  • width / length / height: 500 / 700 / 1630 mm
  • machine weight: 120kg
  • columns height: 1500mm
  • usable height / shock absorber length: 1200mm
  • movement assisted crossbar
  • 1000kg load cell
  • standard shock absorber mounting clamps

Electric drive

  • 4kW VFD-driven gearmotor with 1:5 reduction gearbox
  • nominal RPM: 250 1/min
  • max RPM: 460 1/min